Turning/ID Thread Turning

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Mazak's QUICK TURN NEXUS 250-II MY CNC Turning Center
Mazak's QUICK TURN NEXUS 250-II MY CNC Turning Center

With nearly 40 years of experience in precision grinding services, B & R Grinding, Inc. has been an industry leader in turning and ID thread turning. Our 7,500 sq. ft. facility offers the turning and milling capabilities to build parts from start to finish. Featuring CNC thread OD or ID turning, we machine ID threads for precision fit cores, lead screws, and bolts. We specialize in thread repair and operate a number of unconventional machining systems that allow us to provide services that are unmatched in the industry. For inspection and testing, we employ a Micro-Vu optical comparator as well as a J&L manual comparator.

Our Y axis capability allows us to machine and mill simple or complex parts with off-center features using machine tool steels, plastics, alloys, aluminums, and exotics. We've also worked with titanium, beryllium, and other unique materials that feature hardening properties up to and over 62 RC. Our highly trained staff will use onboard CAM programming to enable fast setup and cycle times to improve production efficiency and reduce overall costs for our customers. We're skilled in hard turning techniques that allow us to hold tight tolerances on OD, ID, or ID threads. Our machinists excel in ID special form thread turning for an array of hardened materials, tool steels, and brass/AMCO nuts.

We're built on cutting edge technology, employing a variety of CNC equipment to meet any simple or complex project needs. From manufacturing to repair, we employ a "hands on" approach to our work backed by extensive quality control procedures. From automotive and military to medical applications, we serve a variety of industries, provide excellent customer service, and offer competitive pricing. We are a leading U.S. industrial company, built on innovation in the field of precision machining, with fast turnaround times and cutting edge CNC technology. To learn more about our turning services, please Contact us directly.

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