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B & R Grinding, Inc. is a key provider of high-performance grinding services for applications where tolerances and surface finishes are critical. Our well-equipped facility houses some of the most sophisticated grinding machinery available to industry today. We have a very talented workforce with the mastery to accomplish the most challenging grinding tasks with a superior level of skill and precision. As one of the nation's leading innovators in the field of precision thread grinding, we continually develop improved methods to better serve our customers. We are also a leading practitioner of high-helix thread grinding for ball screws, lead screws, cutting tools and other applications.

Our services incorporate all grinding processes associated with precision threaded components. In addition to high-end CNC controlled thread grinders, we have equipment specifically built for OD grinding as well as a CNC turning center with multi-tasking capability. Features such as programmable operation, high speed controls, and position feedback allow us to achieve an exceptional degree of accuracy at very favorable throughput rates.

We have a strong background working with all types of standard and high-strength metals such as titanium and beryllium and other hard materials in the range of 62 RC. Our grinding expertise also applies to plastics and we have the capacity to handle workpieces measuring up to 13" in diameter. We have a large library of dressing tools to accommodate the most complex shapes and profiles. Inspection instruments from the finest manufacturers of metrology equipment allow us to thoroughly examine workpieces for quality and ensure precise dimensional integrity. We also provide engineering and inspection reports as needed.

We have a great deal of experience fulfilling the manufacturing and repair needs of mold makers, tool and die professionals, machine builders, and gear manufacturers. Our 7,500+ sq ft plant is equipped to manage projects of any size and has both ground level and submerged docks to make deliveries convenient.

With organizational leadership with deep roots in the machining industry, we understand the importance of taking a hands-on approach to machining, inspection, and customer service. We play attention to every detail to ensure the successful, on-time completion of your project. Contact us today to learn more about our grinding services.

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Precision Grinding Capabilities

CNC Cylindrical Thread Grinding
Worm Grinding
CNC OD Grinding
High Helix Grinding
Hard Turning
ID Thread Turning
Engineering & Reverse Engineering Services
Grinding Process
Angle Grinding
Contour Grinding
External & Outside Diameter
Fine Grinding
Flat Grinding
High Speed Grinding
Internal and Inside Diameter
Multiple Diameters in One Plunge
Outside Diameter
Precision Grinding
Radii Grinding
Thread and OD Regrinding
Tap Sharpening
Taper Grinding
Wet Grinding
Electrode Grinding
Collapsible Core Grinding
Machine Capabilities
5-Drake CNC Thread Grinders
2 - 6" X 36" Rear Dress
1 - 6" X 36" Front Dress
1 - 12" X 45" Rear Dress
1 - LM-200 1 Meter Length
Mitsubishi PD 32 CNC OD Grinders
2 - 40" Length Capability
1 - 20" Length Capability

Mazak Quick Turn
1 – NEXUS 250-II-MY
Molding Cores
Electrodes for EDM
Worm Gears
Buttress Form
Cast Iron
Stainless Steel

OD Grinding Capabilities
Max Diameter: 13"
Max Length: 42"
5" Wheel Width Capability
Thread Grinding Capabilities
Max Diameter: 13"
Max Length: 1 meter Thread Length 45" between centers
High Helix Grinding 180 Degree
Rotary Diamond Roll Dressers
Turning Capabilities
Max Diameter: 8"
Max Length: 20"
Quality Control Inspections
Super Micrometers
Starret Super Micrometers
Pratt & Whitney Super Micrometers

Coordinate Measuring Machines
1 - Mitutoyo 700 Series CMM with
Scanning Head
1 - Micro Vu 30" Comparator
1 - Micro Vu 20" Comparator
2 - J & L Comparators
1 - CNC CCP-30 Comparator
Additional Services
CAD Design
Inspection Reports
Reverse Engineering
Production Volume
Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
Small Run
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run
Lead Times Available
Quoted on Job By Job Basis
Emergency Services Available
Rush Services Available

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Machine Tool
Oil and Gas
Intended Application
Mold Building
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